Galveston County prepares for tropical storm

GALVESTON, Texas – Emergency officials in Galveston County and across the Houston area are warning residents that just because this storm may not turn out to be devastating, you should still stay prepared.

"We prepare by buckling everything down, getting everything inside. Seafood, it's a major process. When power goes out, we lose everything," Becky Little said.

Little works at Aunt Margie's Bait Shop in Galveston and said when the storms come, they are ready and they move fast.

Cindy Simon and her husband Rob live in Galveston County and said when they hear a storm is on its way, they don't take any chances.

"What we do to prepare is get extra water, canned goods, and prep for power being out," Cindy Simon said.

Galveston County Judge Mark Henry warns newcomers and long-time residents now is not the time to be complacent.

"Take it seriously, this one looks like it's going to be a relatively small storm but we don't know that until it makes landfall or moves on past us," Henry said.

They all remember Hurricane Ike almost a decade ago and the destruction it left behind.

Boats were picked up by the massive storm surge and dumped in the middle of the freeway.

Officials said to always be ready for anything.

"The same as every year, just to make sure everyone prepares early. Don't wait until the last minute," said Dan Reilly, of the National Weather Service.

"That's just something living in southeast Texas prepared you for, you do the best you can. If you have to get out and go, go ahead and go," Rob Simon said.

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