Ask 2: Why are there purple street lights along Tomball Toll?

TOMBALL, TexasQuestion: Joe Klein from Tomball asked, “Why are some street lights (illumination lights) in Harris County shining deep purple?”

Answer: The lighting issue stems from malfunctioning LED lights, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. The traffic signal/lighting team is replacing these malfunctioning lights, as they get a report from the community or TxDOT maintenance crews. TxDOT also says it’s not a widespread issue, and it’s mostly happening along highways in newer construction locations. The issue could be the coding on the bulbs, but TxDOT doesn’t have a clear answer just yet. They are investigating and have immediately notified the manufacturer.

They are also encouraging the public to report these lights using the following information:

  • Call: (713) 802-5000
  • Visit: to report it on their complaints page.

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