Ask 2: Why are the barriers still up on 90 in Rosenberg?

ROSENBERG, TexasQuestion: Why are the barriers still up on 90 in Rosenberg?

Answer: The Texas Department of Transportation plans to build an overpass over the railroad separating Rosenberg and Richmond, and the project started back in 2017.

TxDOT reported, “This project was set in the early part of 2017 with work to begin the third quarter of 2017. Unfortunately, there was a utility conflict and work didn’t get started until eight months later. Once work began April 2018, our crews shifted all traffic (eastbound and westbound) to the western side and blocked the eastern side with barriers to begin work. These are the barriers the viewer is mentioning. The capacity is still the same with two lanes in each direction. The exception is losing the dedicated left turn lane at Lane Dr., but both EB and WB traffic are now (safely) on the western side.”

TxDOT added there was an issue with a utility line underground, so they had to pause the work for eight months. Once they picked up the work again in April of 2018, crews shifted all traffic eastbound and westbound to the west side of 90 as explained above.

Residents in the area can still use two lanes in each direction but lost the dedicated left turn lane at lane drive. Unfortunately, since then we have run into several issues ranging from utility conflicts to railroad conflicts to supply chain issues and rising costs of materials that have pushed the project completion out even further. The good news is that we are set to rebid the project in the next few months, with plans to begin the project next year.

Project US 90 A overpass details:

  • The project spans from Lane Drive to Collins, replacing the railroad underpass.
  • Let Date: January 2017
  • Began construction on February 19, 2018
  • Construction was stopped due to issues encountered with railroads.
  • A redesign was completed to avoid one issue and the other is still being resolved.
  • Completion date end of the year 2024

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