Keeping teen drivers safe during ‘100 deadliest days’ for young people

HOUSTON – The “100 Deadliest days” for teen drivers is the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day and this is when thousands of teens are more likely to be involved in fatal crashes, and the million-dollar question is: What can be done to fix this issue? Mostly, because it seems as though every time the 100 deadliest days of summer are discussed, the same bullet points are brought up: put down your cell phones, slow down, and pay close attention to the road.

According to AAA Texas, to truly put a stop to these issues, it’s all about choosing to change your behavior before you even get behind the wheel. There are a lot more younger drivers who are out of school and hitting the road in the summer. More than 10,000 teenagers in Texas are killed and injured each year because of car crashes. In fact, this is the leading cause of death among teenagers across the country.

This is why AAA Texas hosted a workshop in the Galleria area for both parents and their teens to educate both parties about the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers. This free workshop called “Dare to Prepare” educates teens and their parents about the dangers of reckless driving. They went over the following:

  • State Graduated Driver Licensing requirements and restrictions
  • Risks and responsibilities of driving Parent’s role in the learning process
  • What to look for in a driving school
  • Safety information pertaining to distracted, impaired, drowsy driving and what to do when your car breaks down.
  • Teach by example- Maintain appropriate space around your vehicle, adjust your speed to the conditions and minimize risky behavior when you drive.

TxDPS PIO Sgt. Rich Standifer also joined and gave a DUI goggles demonstration.

”Don’t assume it’s too early to discuss drinking and driving—the average teen has consumed alcohol by 14. Provide a framework for teens to guide their decision-making and behaviors when parents aren’t around. More than 80% of teens say their parents are the leading influence in their decision about underage drinking,” AAA says.

AAA Texas is constantly adding to its schedule of community outreach workshops, classes, and more. You can click here to register. The Dare to Prepare for teens workshop can be found here.

A virtual workshop where you can join from anywhere in the world will take place on July 12, and you can register here.