Here is how you can extend the life of your car, save money

HOUSTON – Is your car clocking in more than 100,000? With car prices at record highs, you might not be ready to part with your current vehicle. Here’s how to extend the life of your car and save money at the pump while you’re at it!

Change your oil, check your fluids

  • These are two of the most important things you can do to protect your car. All of this is easy to forget and not stay on top of it. You can keep a log in your glove compartment or there are some great apps available to help you track everything and remind you when service is due. Click here for more.

Air filters

  • Bottom line with these is the engine air filter is the one you want to make sure is clean and up-to-date to maintain good fuel economy.

Never drive on E

  • Drivers who try to stretch their tank of gas are putting themselves in a potentially dangerous and expensive situation. With most modern cars, the fuel pump is mounted inside the fuel tank. These pumps require a constant flow of fuel to lubricate and cool them while driving. Driving on E may allow air to be drawn into the pump, which can cause overheating, which could lead to replacing your pump. That can cost you at least $500 to fix, according to AAA Texas.

Is it better to use compressed air or nitrogen to inflate your car tires?

  • Many people think nitrogen in tires makes them “maintenance free” and according to AAA Texas, that is not true. Even tires filled with nitrogen still require regular pressure checks to identify slow leaks, so unless it’s a requirement by the manufacturer, you’re not saving yourself any time or money by filling them up with nitrogen. Using regular compressed air is just fine. Remember, to check how much air your tire needs, the PSI information is usually on the inside of the drivers door.

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