Ask 2: Why are the lights out on Highway 6 near Addicks Reservoir?

HOUSTONQuestion: “It has been multiple years since the street lights over the Highway 6 reservoir were completed. When will they finally start being used?”

Answer: Doug is talking about the stretch of roadway on Highway 6 between I-10 and Patterson Road going over the Addicks Reservoir.

The problem is it gets really dark at night out there-- in fact, crews have already added a raised barrier to the median to separate traffic and prevent head-on crashes, which was a big issue out there.

TxDOT added street lighting but the project has been delayed for two reasons:

First, there was a substantial amount of parts of the lights that were stolen after installation.

Right now, the contractor is working to source the materials to replace the stolen parts and damaged ground boxes.

The contractor has not scheduled the repair work at this time but they did decide on a strategy that would take less time. Move the planned electrical box to a new location so CenterPoint wouldn’t have to build a new transformer to power the lights.

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