Ask 2: Who has the right-of-way at a four-way traffic stop?

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Question: Who has the right-of-way at a four-way traffic stop?

Answer: Tom Hinytzke, an instructor at E-Z Driving School, said the first car to reach the stop sign pole or arrives at the white line goes first. The rule of thumb is the first person to arrive has the right of way.

Signaling is very important in order to avoid crashes at a four-way stop. Failure to do so could have you paying close to a $200 fine in Texas.

Hinytzke also went over another scenario: if two cars arrive at a four-way stop across from each other at the same time, if their turn signals are not on, they both can go at the same time.

It’s important to remember: right-of-way is never taken, it is always given. Hinytzke says, wait an extra second or two before the other vehicle moves forward, in case they fail to have their signals on and plan to turn, doing so will help you avoid any potential crashes.

Also, think about this, if two cars arrive at the same time across from each other and both are planning to turn, who goes first? If both need to make a left turn, they can also proceed at the same time.

Another scenario involves a yellow blinking light at a four-way intersection, the same scenario, two cars arrive across from each other at the same time, who goes first? Well, according to Hinytzke, you proceed with caution at the same time.

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