Ask 2: What’s the best practice when driving in wet, foggy conditions?

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Question: What’s the best practice when driving in wet, foggy conditions?

Answer: According to AAA Texas, staying safe in foggy weather is not just about being safe on the road. Preparing your vehicles for wet and foggy conditions is an important player for safety when it comes to traversing through tricky conditions.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Vehicle maintenance is part of safe driving in general. It ensures everything is running smoothly. Be sure to check the following components, that way, you have less to worry about when you need to drive in the rain:

Windshield Wipers: Keep your vision as clear as possible by replacing your wipers every six to 12 months. Streaking or chattering are signs that it’s time to put on a new set.

Lights: Ensure your headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals are functioning properly so other drivers will see you more clearly. Clean haziness from your headlight covers.

Tires: Check them at least once a month. Maintain your car’s recommended tire pressure. If you see uneven or excess tread wear, consider a suspension repair or wheel alignment.

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