Here’s an update on the Elysian Viaduct Bridge improvements

Elysian Viaduct improvements
Elysian Viaduct improvements

HOUSTON – Construction of a healthier, broader bridge is underway on the near northside in Houston.

The Texas Department of Transportation has been working on the Elysian Viaduct Bridge for years and many are wondering, ‘When is it going to be finished?’"

Traffic Expert Anavid Reyes spoke with TXDOT and she learned drivers should be able to use this new bridge by the end of the year.

As you’re making your way into the heart of Houston from the northside, near IH-10, you may have noticed the bright pink paint job on the new Elysian Viaduct Bridge columns.

“Is that blue? And I was like, ‘Wait, is that one green?’ Then I looked all the way down and it’s all colorful...” an area resident says as she describes what she thought as she looked at the construction on the bridge when walking in her neighborhood.

This is the most recent upgrade to the project, which was requested by the community as a way to bring the columns to life.

The $35.6 million bridge reconstruction kicked off four years ago and it stretches from Brooks to Commerce Street.

TXDOT says it was built in the 1950′s and needed to be rebuilt because it was old and outdated. The new bridge will also have shoulders, something the 4-lane roadway didn’t have before.

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