Some relief coming to drivers in Rosenberg after years of construction

KPRC 2 reporter Cathy Hernandez has an update regarding the construction on I-69 in Rosenburg.

HOUSTON – Construction in Fort Bend County has been frustrating drivers for years, but TxDOT said slight relief will be coming soon.

For about six years, more than 15 miles of I-69 has been littered with barricades, barrels and signs and drivers have been desperate for some relief.

“It’s horrible,” said driver Laura Alejo. “The only thing is really when it’s backed-up, it’s a mess, it’s hard to get through.”

Luis Gaona, another area resident, said, “It’s bad. They should’ve gotten it fixed years ago."

“Construction is non-stop,” said driver Daniel Guebara. “It’s not always easy.”

The construction is part of three separate TxDOT projects to widen the freeway, add HOV lanes and improve intersections, and Deidrea George with TxDOT said it "helps with safety and mobility.”

It will transform I-69 from State Highway 99 to Reading Road into four lanes, from Reading Road to Spur 10 into three lanes and from Spur 10 to the County Line into two lanes.

“The more people that move out here, the more lanes, and the more added capacity we need to add and we’re working to do just that,” said George.

They’ve run into delays, primarily due to bad weather, but TxDOT is hoping to give drivers relief before the end of next month.

“It’s a lot going on," George said. “It won’t be finished, but we do have some additional lanes that we will be opening to the public.”

The Grand Parkway to Reading Road is set to be finished next May, Reading Road to Spur 10 next October and Spur 10 to the County Line in 2022.

Drivers said that can’t come soon enough.

“It has great potential, but it needs to get done,” said driver Marcus Mitchell.

Some drivers have expressed concerns about exit signs being too small and hard to see. TxDOT said the signs are up to standard but would check with engineers for possible changes.

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