The Voice Season 3 Premiere, Part II

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HOUSTON - So here's the deal. We like to keeps it real here on the KPRC Prime Blog, and for that reason, I will not pretend last night's episode of The Voice was all that heart-stopping or spectacular. There were some good auditions, no great auditions, and there was a distinct lack of Cee Lo's fabulous new parrot. Not to mention I was once again subjected to some dangerously close calls with Xtina's breasticles. In an age where people will get indignant for just about any reason, especially in the middle of political season, can't we all unite under the common belief that Xtina needs to up the neckline on those outfits? My delicate sensibilities can't stand much more cleavage.

And on that note (GET IT? MUSIC PUNS!), let's discuss the talent from last night.

All four judges turned around for Adriana Louise, but I wasn't particularly blown away. Yes, she has that whole high-mix-belt thing going on a la Jessie J (but not nearly as awesome I mean come on) and a great figure, but I didn't find her very special. Adriana went the way so many female contestants do and joined Team Xtina. I wasn't floored by Adriana, but you be the judge. Check out the video below and let me know what you think in the comments section:


The one auditionee I did like more than the average bear was Julio Cesar Castillo, the first contestant to ever do an entire song in Spanish. He's adorable and he's obviously talented—what can I say? I'm a sucker for a bilingual man in a faux letterman jacket.


So here's how things played out at the end of the night: Team Adam acquired no new members, but is holding strong with Bryan Keith and Joe Kirkland. Team Blake picked up wrestler with the most hilariously misleading last name ever Casey Muessigmann (NOT MUSICMAN) and my boo Julio Cesar Castillo.Team Xtina snatched up highly contested but most likely overestimated Adriana Louise and disablingly sexy Aquile. His speaking voice alone left me in a puddle of drool. And finally, Team Cee Lo brought aboard MacKenzie Bourg, the kid who almost died… But didn't.

Alright folks, stay with us tonight as we watch the final hour of the 3-night season premiere event of this season of The Voice!

Thanks for reading, and as always, thanks for watching KPRC Local 2!

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