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For more than 70 years, KPRC-TV has been a leader in the Houston Gulf Coast community. KPRC 2 can always be counted on for quality programming and accurate, precise news reporting. KPRC 2 delivers the best in entertainment, news and information.

KPRC 2 produces quality local news programming to keep the community informed, with over 40 hours of news coverage per week. As the market's leading station, Houston viewers continually turn to us for breaking news and weather. We air top-rated programs like "The Today Show," "The Voice," "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon," "Saturday Night Live," "Sunday Night Football" and every two years, the Olympic Games.

Our longevity and commitment to the Houston business community is the result of working in tandem with our clients, offering a variety of unique opportunities designed to efficiently and effectively achieve their online marketing goals. Our campaigns are customized to fit the individual needs and budgets for each client.

At, partnered with Omne, we use a variety of digital assets to connect you to your best potential customers, including multi-platform video integration of commercial messaging, content integration, section sponsorships and reach extension. From email to Facebook to targeted pre-roll video, we utilize best of breed targeting capabilities to reach your preferred customers.

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