Dominique In London: Day 2

By Dominique Sachse - Anchor
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Dominique interviews legendary gymnast coach Bela Karolyi about Team USA's chances this year.

LONDON - Day Two:

I have to admit, one of my guilty pleasures is watching BBC news.  The dry presentation along with the occasional British sarcasm always gets me.

Today, it's wall-to-wall Olympics coverage, comparable to how we roll when a storm comes to town.  It's a better start to my day than the overly-creamy scrambled eggs. Sunny-side up would have been a better choice in light of our weather. 

Forecasters say it will be a little more humid today. I'll be the judge of that.

Today is a day full of surprises. We have an interview set up at a hotel in the beautiful Canary Wharf area of London with Cynthia Potter, Olympic medal winner in the '70s, NBC diving analyst and former Houstonian. But before the Q&A can even begin, I run into the Today Show's Matt Lauer, who introduced himself to me and took the time to meet and greet my crew. He scored major courtesy points in my book.

Then Bela Karolyi pops out, shouts "Houston!" and gives us a  hug. 

Although, my highlight was meeting and interviewing Houston's taekwondo family, the Lopez's. Aside from their brilliant athleticism and cat-quick moves, these are salt-of-the-earth people, the kind you want to have over for a hearty dinner. 

Meantime, the NBC commissary is looking more like Tony's compared to what we've eaten lately. 

And the weather?  I don't know what that weather gal was talking about on the news earlier. It's like San Diego around here, a perfect 10 in my book!

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