Little girl surprises J.J. Watt with smooch on the cheek

By Scylla Lopez - Social Media Producer
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HOUSTON - She did what a lot of people dream of doing. Five-year-old Sylvie Rose of Lake Jackson got a rare chance to give Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt a smooch on the cheek during Sunday's Texans training camp.

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Sylvie's mother, Glenda Rose, said her daughter is a big J.J. Watt fan. They Google images of him all the time. In fact, Sylvie has a big future planned for her and J.J.

"She tells me, 'Mommy, I'm going to ask J.J. Watt to marry me.'"

Sylvie got a jersey autographed by Watt after training camp ended Sunday. After he signed it, she reached over to hug him, then sneaked in a smooch on the cheek.

Rose said Sylvie is a very outgoing and friendly kid, but when Watt came by, she got a little shy.

"She got starstruck. She hugged him, kissed him and jumped back into my arms," Rose said.

On their way home, Sylvie turned to her mother and asked, "Mommy, are you jealous?"

Rose responded, "Yes. Along with everyone else."

Sylvie walked into daycare Monday morning and told her teacher about what happened.

"I kissed J.J. Watt and he has really big muscles."


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