Astros relax COVID-19 protocols, general manager says

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HOUSTON – The Astros have now hit the 85% vaccination threshold, meaning the team will be relaxing their coronavirus protocols, according to general manager James Click. reported that Click gave an interview on a radio show on 790 AM where he said the players will no longer have to wear masks in the dugout or wear tracking devices for contact tracing.

According to Click, the players and staff can also not be tested as often and will be able to eat indoors at restaurants again.

“The trick is going to be to remind guys that doesn’t mean there are no restrictions,” he said. “There are some restrictions -- still wearing masks in clubhouse indoors. We still have to be careful, like all of us in society. ... Obviously, we’re really excited that we got there. I know the guys are thrilled to get there.”

Click said Monday marks two weeks since several team and staff members got their second doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

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