Here’s how you can score last minute tickets to the UH vs. Baylor showdown this weekend

Houston, TEXAS – If you’re still searching for a ticket to the Final Four game against the Univerity of Houston and Baylor, you may be looking at spending a few thousand dollars on tickets.

It’s been nothing but buzz and excitement for the University of Houston men’s basketball team who is headed to the Final Four to take on the Baylor Bears on Saturday.

“It’s my school. Go Coogs!” said one UH Cristian Zrtcuhe. “It’s a huge deal for my whole family.”

When KPRC 2 asked fans if they were planning on going to the game, the answers were split.

“I think I’m just going to go. I don’t want to miss it,” said student Sara Kahan.

On the NCAA website, coordinators say each team will be provided a very limited number of tickets to sell.

The University of Houston tells KPRC 2 that students had one last chance to sign up for those limited tickets on Monday. This season, tickets cost $200 each.

Baylor said it’s sending two busses with 50 students to the game. The buses are scheduled to leave on Friday.

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