Wimberley's Harwood: Longtime ASU Commit Still Excited About College Opportunity

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Wimberley senior Holly Harwood is approaching the one year anniversary of her October 2019 commitment to Angelo State University soccer. Don't think for a minute that she feels any different about her decision.

"I decided to commit then because it gave me plenty of time to prepare and took off a lot of pressure, so I could just play," said Harwood. "I feel like ASU is a good fit for me because of the style they play and the coaching is very excellent."

Harwood may have traded her Hill Country home for a college opportunity in West Texas, but it's still close enough for her family to watch her future athletic achievements.

"Angelo State is not too far from home and it's not too far from Texas Tech, and that's where my sister is at right now, so it made it easier for my parents to watch my games and it's easier for my sister to come down as well," said Harwood. "I'm excited to start being independent, do things more as an adult [and] meet new people outside of Wimberley."

Before the move occurs, Harwood has another year as a Wimberley High School soccer, track and volleyball athlete. She plans to make the most of her final charge in Hays County.

"I plan on just always having a happy personality and to bring up my teammates," said Harwood. "I just want to be someone people can look up to and come to for advice. In order to finish on the right note, I want to give all of my lasts the best effort that I can."

"My goal is to not look back in the future and wonder 'if only I did this better'," she added. "I want to have no regrets and to live out my senior year with happiness and stress free. These past few months, I've been taking things into my own hands by waking up early, getting a two mile run in, working on individual skill work that'll help me when I move on to the next level, and to just reset my mindset coming into senior year."

Her diverse resume indicates that she's skillful in multiple sports. It also translates to her non-athletic activities.

"A thing that most people don't know is that I can actually play the violin and used to do it a lot when I was younger," said Harwood.

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