‘Totally unnecessary’: Astros’ Dusty Baker responds to reports made about Chas McCormick’s playing time

It may or may not have something to do with banana pudding.

Astros Dusty Baker and Chas McCormick (Getty Images)

Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker is responding to reports after it was reported he had issues with outfielder Chas McCormick.

In a report from “The Athletic,” multiple sources who spoke to the outlet said McCormick’s playing time has frustrated several members of the organization, stemming from reported friction between him and Baker.

However, Baker said in his daily press conference Friday ahead of the Astros’ game against the San Diego Padres that he wasn’t too happy with the report.

“It’s caused kind of a <expletive> out there which is unnecessary, totally unnecessary,” Baker said. “It seems like somebody had something against me, they oughta just use it against me and not use my players against me. That is so wrong.”

The report went on to discuss McCormick’s apparent weight gain and lack of playing time in several games this season. According to Baseball-Reference, stood at 208 pounds at 6-feet tall.

“As far as his weight is concerned, if I had something against it -- and you can ask him -- I wouldn’t be bringing him banana pudding once a week,” Baker said. “If I was concerned about a guy’s weight, I would not bring a guy banana pudding, or maybe I helped contribute to that.”

But as far as McCormick speaking to Baker about his playing time?

“We’re good,” the player told The Athletic. “It’s really all about winning each game from here on out.”

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