🔒 BLOG: KPRC 2 sports reporter Ari Alexander breaks down World Series Game 6 inning by inning

Fans arrive at Minute Maid Park where the roof on the stadium was open for Game 2 of baseball's World Series between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021, in Houston. (AP Photo/Ashley Landis) (Ashley Landis, Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)


Hey guys, this time I’m not stuck in a mediocre hotel room! We’re live from Minute Maid Park in game 6.

Big festivities. If you watched us at 6 PM, not only did you get to see THE PEOPLE’S CHAMP PAUL WALL intro our newscast, but Randy, Vanessa and I break down what we think is going to be the difference.

I got Yordan Alvarez needing to get a big extra base hit. Mr. Tippin on 4-4s has to make an impact.

Also, Travis Scott is in the house.

I want to see 5 innings from at least Luis Garcia and Jake Odorizzi combined. From there I think the Astros can find 4 innings of bullpen, including potentially 2 from Ryan Pressly, who is fresh.

Alex Bregman is still 7th in the lineup, Jose Siri starts tonight in the 8 spot. Vamos!

Top 1st

Oh my God Kyle Tucker! What a catch!

Luis Garcia is looking good. Velo up, cutter sharp. Let’s see how long he can keep that.

Bottom 1st

While Altuve gets on first, Michael Brantley looks like he may have gotten himself out by stepping on Max Fried’s ankle. They’re calling Brantley safe, but what a strange play to start this game.

Two on and Max Fried gets the middle hitters.

Still scoreless

Top 2nd

Luis Garcia’s cutter is working. It looks just like it did in ALCS game 6, and he’s putting it low and outside to right handed batters well.

This is boding well for the Astros if Garcia looks like this.

Bottom 2nd

Great play by Dansby Swanson. The Braves are here because they have one of the best infield defenses in the game. They’re similar to the Astros in that sense.

Top 3rd

Garcia has his first real trouble, getting runners on first and 2nd.

Brooks Raley is in the bullpen, for some reason.

I don’t think Brooks Raley should see any more action in this World Series.

Big at bat here between Luis Garcia and Jorge Soler. 2 outs, bases loaded, 2 on. You do not want to see a Raley/Freeman matchup.


Jorge Soler just hit a 6,000 foot home run. 3-0.


Brooks Raley is now in to face Freddie Freeman. I don’t like this move at all.

Well it worked, Brooks Raley got Freddie Freeman on an easy ground out. He did his job.

Bottom 3rd

Machete! Stays hot! Leadoff single for the #9 hitter.

Altuve flies out and didn’t like his swing there.

Michael Brantley chops into a double play and Max Fried is dealing.

Not a good start so far, where the offense looks overmatched against a lefty like it has for much of the series.

Top 4th

Cristian Javier is in, likely for multi-inning work if he can get through them clean.

He gets it done. 1-2-3 and he should get the 5th, and maybe the 6th if he keeps dealing.

Astros gotta hit.

Bottom 4th

Carlos Correa leads off the 4th with a Texas leaguer, or as we call it in Texas - a leaguer.

And Yordan hits into a double play. At this point he’s getting totally worked by left handed pitching.

Max Fried through 4 very quick innings. This is not good.

Top 5th

Javier walks the leadoff hitter, and now the bullpen might have to be active. Astros will have to throw everything at the Braves to keep this 3-0.

Blake Taylor is in the bullpen. You gotta hope that he only has to face one batter.

Dansby Swanson just took Cristian Javier deep. It’s 5-0.

This seems over.

6-0. Blake Taylor loses the left-left matchup to 2020 NL MVP Freddie Freeman. The Astros simply do not have enough pitching to deal with the best lefties in the game. Their hitters are struggling against top lefty pitching too.

Phil Maton will enter. Maton is really the only Astros pitcher who can handle lefties. It’s the one flaw in their roster construction.

If the Astros want to survive they will now have to make the largest comeback in World Series history. No team has ever come back from down 6 in an elimination game in the World Series.

Bottom 5th

Nothing good happened.

Top 6th

Phil Maton is still in. Maton probably should have been in earlier, but the Astros need as much as possible from him.

Braves have runners on now that Maton is likely pretty tired.

Maton battles through it and strands 2 runners. Again, the Astros will have to make the greatest World Series comeback ever to win this game.

Bottom 6th

This is worst case scenario. Max Fried is giving the Braves length, and they have Tyler Matzek and Will Smith available.

Correa nearly gets on with a strikeout/passed ball but Travis d’Arnaud gets it done.

It’s looking bleak.

Top 7th

Ryne Stanek is in for the Astros. He’s been great this postseason...and he nearly gave up a home run to Eddie Rosario. Luckily, just foul.

Alex Bregman just made a phenomenal play to get Jorge Soler. Crowd finally has some juice, but this 6-run deficit is a lot.

7-0. Freddie Freeman just went yard to center off Stanek. This is a disaster.

Bottom 7th

Tyler Matzek is in. Astros haven’t been able to touch him.

Finally! Yordan Alvarez goes oppo and gets a leadoff single. The comeback starts now?

Ryan Pressly is up in the bullpen. He should probably pitch the rest of the way.

Great swing by Kyle Tucker but Joc Pederson makes a diving catch. 2 outs. This is not going well.

Aledmys Diaz will pinch hit for Jose Siri. Siri was supposed to give the Astros a spark tonight. Didn’t happen.

Alex Bregman, who has been scuffling, strikes out against Matzek. The Astros have 6 more outs and a 7 run deficit.

Top 8th

Pressly is in. Jose Siri and Kyle Tucker nearly crashed into each other. That could have been really bad.

Bottom 8th... Top of the 9th... Bottom of the 9th

....(pulls up MLB website).... first Spring Training game is Feb. 26. Congrats to the team on getting to the World Series again. Here’s to next season. Go ‘Stros!

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