VYPE 411 with Aldine Davis' Aeja Brown

VYPE 411 with Aldine Davis' Aeja Brown (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Aldine Davis will try and get back into the playoff picture in 2021 after just missing a year ago. Senior Aeja Brown will be one of the key pieces to the puzzle. Get to know her a little better.


VYPE: What was your path to playing volleyball?

BROWN: I started off with competitive cheer and I couldn't continue that, so I had to find something else that I loved. I started to play volleyball with older women. It started with beach volleyball and I kept at it. In the 7th grade, I had a coach who looked at me and saw that I went for stuff even though I didn't know what I was doing. So, I started 7th grade year, I didn't even try out and I got in trouble for that. The coach made me try out. I was bad the first day and came back the second day and turns out I made the team. After that, I just kept at it.

VYPE: How important is chemistry with your teammates?

BROWN: Chemistry is very important because girls by nature are very energy-driven. So, any type of bad energy can fluctuate throughout the whole court in a matter of seconds. If one person is off, then everybody's off. We have to have that system on and off the court.

VYPE: Who is your role model, or inspiration?

BROWN: My role model is my 7th grade coach. I would have not started volleyball unless she made me. She passed away two or three years ago. She was an inspiration because she pushed me and I didn't even know I was good at it. But she saw something in me that she didn't see in myself. I wouldn't be playing volleyball if it wasn't for her.

Aldine Davis

The Stats

Five Playoff Appearances since 1990
Head Coach Staria Jones

Plays to Watch

No. 3 Ariel Andrade, JR Setter
No. 4 Tailor Perkins, SO Outside Hitter/Middle Blocker
No. 6 Natalie Batalla, SR Defensive Specialist
No. 7 Aeja Brown, SR Setter/Defensive Specialist
No. 9 Asia Davis, SO Outside Hitter
No. 12 Karla Toledo, SO Middle Blocker