‘The Dirtbags:’ Barbers Hill uses gritty mindset to get to the state tournament

Barbers Hill baseball is seeking the program’s first state title

The team hopes to win its first state title

MT. BELVIEU – The Barbers Hill baseball team is hoping to make history by winning the state title this week in Round Rock.

“There’s nothing better for a coach than getting to the community and these kids and these parents, and everything else and take them someplace they’ve never been,” said head coach David Denny.

“What’s special is, I think the way we play together,” said first baseman Simon Larranaga. “We have a good bond and good chemistry and we just love to have fun out here.”

The Barbers Hill mascot may be an Eagle, but this team has another name for themselves: The Dirtbags.

“We call ourselves dirtbags, which means you go any place, any time, any conditions, and you play,” said Denny. “You’re not scared of who you’re playing.”

“A dirtbag? It’s giving 110% doing anything we can to win, and just playing together,” said Larranaga.

“To win, to get the job done. It’s hard to beat a dirtbag, that’s for sure,” said senior Hunter Mercer.

The eagles or the dirtbags are hoping that gritty mindset carries them to a state title.