‘A lot of good things happening:’ McNair, Caserio said they like where Texans are headed

The team hosted the annual charity golf classic

A lot of good things happening, McNair said about the Texas
A lot of good things happening, McNair said about the Texas

HOUSTON – The goal of the course was to raise money for the Texans’ foundation.

“The number is going to be over $350,000 (raised), so it’s a really good day for the kids here, and it’s a good day for the Texans,” said CEO and Chairman Cal McNair.

McNair, as we know, is trying to get his franchise back on course. It’s been an offseason full of changes; a new head coach, general manager and president. The legal battle involving Deshaun Watson added another layer of complications, and Nick Caserio has made a record amount of roster moves.

But McNair sees it all as trending forward.

“I see a lot of positive energy, a lot of good things happening,” said McNair. “Traditionally, we haven’t had a lot of turnovers, so maybe it’s time we do try some new things, and we’re going to do that. To watch them work together, it’s been a lot of fun. But yeah, you see a lot of joy and a lot of camaraderies and working together at a high level. So, it’s very gratifying.”

Nick Caserio, who is responsible for the roster moves, thinks the entire transition has been smooth.

“There’s a lot of newnesses,” said Caserio. “We’ve turned over probably half the team, give or take. A lot of the players have had the opportunity to at least spend some time, even though it’s virtual, to get to know one another in the meetings, communication, learn the system, those types of things.”

With rookie minicamp beginning Friday, there are more questions than answers.

When asked about the current quarterback room, Caserio wouldn’t give too much away.

“Again, we’ll take it one step at a time,” said Caserio. “We’re not going to put any unreasonable expectations on anybody. It’s kind of a waste of everybody’s time. It’s how do they improve? Can they make adjustments? What do they do one day? Ok, can they stack multiple days together? Look, they’re going to have setbacks. You’re going to go out there, you’re going to have a bad play. Ok, how do you respond to that? Can you make the adjustment? Do you understand why that happened? Those are the types of things right now that are really important.”

“Look, we have a long way to go,” said Caserio. “We’re just kind of getting started here. Football season is just about to start. We’re excited about the opportunity in front of us and I think that’s the most important thing, just focus on today and just keep moving forward.”