Texans GM Nick Caserio addresses Watson situation, NFL Draft preparations

Team plans to let legal process play out with Watson and prepare for start of offseason voluntary workouts

HOUSTON – The Texans are gearing up for the upcoming NFL Draft, but general manager Nick Caserio had little to say Friday about the legal issues going on with quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Here are some of Caserio’s reactions to Watson-related questions as well as the draft preparations and upcoming team voluntary offseason workouts.

Caserio on Watson

“We don’t have really any comment as you know Cal and the ownership group put a letter out on their stance and where we are. It’s a legal process and we respect that process. We are focused on today and getting ready for the draft. We are respectful of where that it.”

“We’re focused on the things we control which is getting the team ready for the offseason program and getting ready for the draft.”

“I won’t get into that situation. I’m not really good on that speculation. We’re focused on building our roster. "

“I never said that. I think the most important thing for us is to do what’s best for the Houston Texans and that’s what we are going to do.”

“The most important thing on all of this and any situation we are going to do what’s best for our team.”

Caserio on the draft and taking over as GM

“The most important thing is to evaluate the players and have an understanding of the board top to bottom and be ready to pick the player you are most comfortable with. We’ve done the work and research. Our staff has a lot of information and we’ve evaluated the board top to bottom.”

“Whenever you accept a position you don’t know what’s in front of you. I was blessed to have opportunity to come to Houston and take it one day at a time. You look at everything and make a decision and move forward. How you deal with those situations is the most important thing and that’s how our approach has been. The past three or four months have been refreshing. We’ve tried to do what’s best for our team and build a team and get ready for the season and that’s all we can control.”

“Normal protocol is go to the school night before and meet with the player. This year was show up and watch the player workout and leave. So you find other ways to gather information and our staff has done that. We can interface with these players on a one-on-one basis like we are doing here right on now (on Zoom). You have to shift your mindset and be flexible with your thinking and try to arrive at the same endpoint.”

On Texans offseason voluntary workouts

“The building has been open and players come in to test and workout. Whatever players are here and choose to participate that’s their choice so we’ll create as good of a working environment as we can so they are comfortable and come here and improve as a player.”

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