Legacy Basketball Senior Spotlight

Legacy Basketball Senior Spotlight
Legacy Basketball Senior Spotlight (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

Legacy junior Ethan Wiley graciously sent


this prospectus for each and every Senior on the Titan Basketball team. Check out the write-up below!

Aaron Scott - Aaron Scott is headed to the University of North Texas as an extremely talented6'6 ball-handler who has outstanding hustle and scrappiness. Aaron can also shoot the ball beautifully, with his midrange being deadly from all angles of the court, and he has a nice three ball you just cannot leave open. Aaron is a threat on the offensive side of the court and his length makes him hard to get around on the defensive end. Aaron was also awarded conference MVP as the season ended, so he is coming in hot for his freshman year as a member of the Mean Green family.

Ashton Smith - Ashton Smith who is headed to Texas A&M University is an absolute powerhouse in the paint. His dominance inside is nothing to take lightly and his rim protection is just as dangerous. Ashton will jump out of the gym and finish at the rim with authority, or out-rebound his competitors, and he can do it all night long.

PJ Neal- PJ Neal who is on his way to Prairie View A&M University does it all. From his shiftiness to his acrobatic finishes, PJ plays the role of a floor general and makes it look easy.PJ isn't one to back down from contact either. He blows by his defender with ease and can either analyze the floor to look for a dime or bulldoze his way to the paint to finish, and that is only him on the offensive end. PJ will put his opponent in a box and get you some steals with that, and on the fastbreak, you might want to watch your back if PJ is trailing for the chase-down block. PJ gives all his energy on the floor every night and can handle all the pressure in the world. In addition to his on-court success, he also succeeds in the classroom with a 3.4 GPA.

Johnathan Massie- Johnathan Massie, headed to McNeese State University, fires from anywhere and everywhere on the court. He handles the ball with finesse, enabling him to either lull his defender to become comfortable and let him breeze by, or go for the shot over them. Johnathan also is a great rebounder on the offensive end amongst the bigs, giving him and his team more and more possessions on their end of the court. Johnathan finishes at the rim with strength and will muscle his way into the paint if needed. Johnathan is an offensive threat who is able to shoot at will, size up his defender and drive by them for a mid-range shot, or just take it to the rim with contact. Not only is he focused on the court but also off the court, maintaining a3.0 GPA.

Jaylon Gibson- Jaylon Gibson who is bound for Mount Saint Mary is a 6'3 guard whose handle is ridiculously tight, whose vision is almost futuristic, and who can hit from deep or finish with aggression. Jaylon's feel for the floor is unmatched: he has an ability to quickly analyze the court and see looks that almost no one else would notice. Jaylon is always looking to get his teammates a bucket, but don't let up on him because he will make you pay. Jaylon puts a padlock on anyone in front of him and doesn't back down from a challenge.

Sir Issac Herron- Sir Issac Herron who is on his way to Oral Roberts University is a menace in the paint when it comes to protecting the rim. At a hefty 6'9 his length helps him to reach and block shots from all over. Not only is he defensive, but his post-game is also nothing to take lightly. He will face up with his defender and elevate for a shot over them easily, or he will get a feel for his opponent and decide if he should back them down or fade. On the fast break, he can push the ball up the court and hit a guard at a fast pace or simply take it to the rim and finish there. SirIssac can do just about everything for you as a big man.

Brian Myles- Brian Myles who is making his way to Prairie View A&M University is a big who has an immense amount of grit and is greedy on the boards. He will get up and bring the ball down at all costs. Not only does he crash the boards but he works his magic in the post as well. His post moves are technical and tough, from spinning on one side of the goal and finishing on the other end, finishing with contact, or facing up and analyzing how he wants to make his move; Brian is someone who handles his craft carefully. He handles his craft off the court just as carefully by maintaining a 3.0 GPA.