Anthony Rendon gives back, cracks jokes for a good cause

The annual SpringSpirit Breakfast for Champions honored Rendon

Anthony Rendon gives back, cracks jokes for a good cause
Anthony Rendon gives back, cracks jokes for a good cause

Houston native Anthony Rendon was honored at this year’s SpringSpirit Breakfast for Champions, and the Lamar and Rice alum made the event worthwhile with a great message and some fun.

“The relationships that SpringSpirit builds with the people in the community. I think that’s going to be the driving force of change,” said the Angels’ third baseman.

“It’s part of using your platform to give back to the community and a community that in many ways is underserved,” said Lance Berkman.

Berkman and his wife are heavily involved in SpringSpirit, and the Astros legend interviewed Rendon on stage.

Rendon has made it clear he doesn’t just want to be known for what he does on the field, he wants to make a difference off of it.

“My wife and I are very passionate about trying to give back. We’ve started our own non-profit,” said Rendon.

There were laughs, of course. After all, Rendon’s spectacular performance in October 2019 helped the Nationals win a World Series against the Astros.

Before he was introduced, they showed highlights of that performance.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen somebody’s World Series highlights where nobody in the room clapped,” said Reid Ryan. “He was great about it.”

And then, of course, an Astros scandal jab.

“I enjoyed it, but just because I was on the winning side of it,” Rendon said. “But they can’t complain. They got one in 2017, cheating or not!”

There may be some smack talk, but Houston has his heart.

“I’m not going anywhere, this is home,” said Rendon.

For more on SpringSpirit’s mission, check out their website here.

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