Texans’ latest firing is another example of a troubling trend

The team let go several well-respected employees

New personnel members making changes isn’t overly surprising, but the firing of the equipment staff is rubbing many in the Texans organization the wrong way.

Sources confirmed to KPRC that a number of players are not happy with the recent move of firing longtime equipment manager Mike Parson and his staff. One player called the move a “big surprise,” saying the team “loved him and his staff.”

Parson and his staff also had a great relationship with Deshaun Watson. They were one of few minority equipment staffs in the league.

Director of football administration Kevin Krajcovic was also let go.

It’s an example of a troubling trend that’s emerged within the walls of a seemingly dysfunctional franchise; letting go of quality employees who don’t fit Jack Easterby’s “cultural vision.”

The Texans fired VP of Communications Amy Palcic after reportedly telling her she didn’t fit their culture. Palcic is widely regarded as one of the best PR professionals in sports. She was also the first woman in the NFL to serve in that role.

All eyes were on the NFL when Deandre Hopkins was traded, a move that Easterby is said to have had a large role in as well. On the subject of one bad move after another, one Texans employee privately told KPRC, “We can’t get out of our own way.”

As frustration builds between Watson and the Texans, many are asking why the new regime would fire staff members who actually had the respect of the franchise quarterback. If the Texans continue the current trend, there surely will be other quality players and employees they cut ties with; we just know it won’t be Jack Easterby, who Cal McNair has made clear will stay.

JJ Watt took to Twitter to voice his support of Parson and his staff.