Breaking SAT news for High School Juniors and Sophomores from AT-Home Tutoring Services

Breaking SAT news for High School Juniors and Sophomores from AT-Home Tutoring Services
Breaking SAT news for High School Juniors and Sophomores from AT-Home Tutoring Services (Copyright (c) 2021 VYPE - All rights reserved)

No doubt some of you have already seen or heard the recent news about the changes to the SAT, which we have been predicting for some time. Here's some info and some answers to the many questions we are already getting:

What's Changing about the SAT?

The SAT itself is losing the essay portion. The other thing that is disappearing are the SAT subject tests, which were hour-long multiple choice exams in various school subjects, mostly used by the most selective schools. Students could take these at any point in high school, but they are gone as of now.

Wait, Is This Good?

Yup! We are all for anything that makes these tests less stressful, which the elimination of the essay does, and less expensive (which it also does.). Furthermore, the elimination of subject tests means there will be more seats available for students to take the actual SAT, addressing some of the shortages we've been seeing during the pandemic.

When Will This Change Come Into Effect?

The subject tests are gone now; you can take the SAT with essay through the June administration (although there's literally no reason to do so: barely any schools were looking at it before, and literally none will do so now!)

But How Will Schools Know How Well I/My Student Can Write?

This essay was never really telling them that: very few schools ever even looked at this optional portion of the test. Instead, the focus should go to college essays, which are a huge part of the application and where your writing skills can really shine.

Are There Other Changes on the Horizon?

The short answer is "Yes, but we don't know exactly what they are" (with the College Board and the SAT, even the short answer is sometimes long!) Like ACT, the College Board is working hard to develop an online SAT so that students can test at home and to increase test security, especially overseas. We expect that to be announced in the next few months.

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