‘Pathetic’: Texans legend Andre Johnson tweets strong message in support of Deshaun Watson

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HOUSTON – The Houston Texans are in the midst of controversy over the current hiring process and other issues that have quarterback Deshaun Watson unhappy with the organization. Watson, who has been on vacation, is now back in town but sources said the two sides have yet to talk.

Reportedly, Watson is unhappy with the process of hiring new general manager Nick Caserio. Watson wanted and expected to simply be informed prior to any hiring. McNair did not follow through with that promise, according to reports.

Texans legendary receiver Andre Johnson has strong connections to the current Texans roster. Tuesday, Johnson broke his silence and sent a tweet saying that Watson should stand his ground.

“The Texans organization is known for wasting players careers,” Johnson wrote in the tweet. “Since Jack Easterby has walk(ed) into the building nothing good has happened in/for the organization and for some reason someone can’t seem to see what’s going on. Pathetic!!!”

The Texans requested an interview Tuesday with Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. If he accepts their meeting, it cannot happen until after the Chiefs’ season ends. They are the number one seed in the AFC and a favorite to return to the Super Bowl next month.