One-on-one with Deshaun Watson: His new restaurant and his message to Texans fans

It seems Watson can do it all

HOUSTON – Earlier this year, Texans Deshaun Watson released his first book. Now, the Texans quarterback is venturing into restaurants, as Watson is part owner of the “Lefty’s Cheesesteaks” on Kirby.

Texans fans rejoice; it’s not too far from NRG Stadium! Watson was kind enough to speak with KPRC 2 sports reporter Vanessa Richard one-on-one about his new adventure.

Richard: You’re already an activist, a football player, and an author. Why add restaurants?

Watson: Because I love food, first off. And then I met Sam through the grapevine, through my team, and I went up to Detroit. I tried the food and fell in love with it. So we just started talking business, family, our energy and everything connected, and then he wanted to bring it down south. So I was like, hey, let’s do it. Let’s make it happen.

Richard: Your family flew in (from Georgia.) I saw you give your mom a big hug. How special is it for all of them to be here?

Watson: It’s amazing because this is something that is a big moment. Something that, you know we all love food, but coming from where we come from, it don’t really happen like that. For them to be able to come, especially with the whole COVID thing, not too many opportunities to see each other. So it’s awesome to have them here.

Richard: It’s been a crazy year between COVID and coaching changes, but you also got a great new contract. What’s your message to Texans fans?

Watson: Never lose faith. Right now, of course, we’re going through a lot of different changes, a lot of struggles. But at the same time, the struggles are going to turn into something positive and beautiful at the end. So, I’m always going to keep my faith, keep my trust in the Texans fans, and I want them to keep their trust in all of the organization and all the players. So, we’re going to get this thing right and on the right track.

Richard also asked Deshaun what’s next for him. He mentioned fashion and FIFA, as he’s a soccer fan.

Whatever he plans, it sure seems he’s just getting started!