VYPE U: Episcopal Gets Win vs. Port Arthur Memorial

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With masks up, Episcopal's varsity boys basketball season has begun. The boys kicked their season off with a 66-51 win against Port Arthur Memorial.

The Hildebrand Athletic Center, home to the Episcopal Knights, allowed for both teams to be socially distanced. Both teams had hand sanitizer stands ready at all times, making for a safe playing environment.

First Quarter

The tip off went to Port Arthur Memorial, heading into their offense starting the game. Ironically, the Knights immediately took over the first quarter coming in hot with an aggressive first few minutes to start. Dasean Brodie and Gerard Edwards led the Knights in the first quarter with multiple points, with aggressive drives into the paint. Port Arthur was aggressive right back fouling left and right. The Knights didn't use that to their advantage missing various free throws. The first quarter also showed how versatile Episcopal is with their new roster with consistent subbing in and out just within the first quarter. Episcopal would lead by a score of 19-7 at the end of the first.

Second Quarter

The Titans of Port Arthur forced the Knights to shoot around the key, with their defense being on lockdown within the paint. By the second quarter, the Titans introduced a full court press to put even more pressure on Episcopal. The Knights decided they'd follow in Port Arthur's defense as they held down within the paint as well. Both the Titans and Knights however found ways to add to their score with consistent 3-pointers being made. The first half of the game would end at 34-18 Episcopal.

Third Quarter

With Episcopal getting the ball first, Port Arthur came back with a strong full court press. The pressure didn't throw off the Knights as they found ways to maneuver through and score. Even with an attempt of a hard-pressing zone defense, the Knights found ways into the paint to score. With such aggression and tenacity from the Titans, this led to a couple of injuries on their end. Luckily these injuries were minor, nothing to set back Port Arthur. This gave the Knights an opportunity to shake up Port Arthur's momentum as they begin to extend their lead making the third quarter final 58-34.