Frassati Catholic Magazine: Curtain Call



It's a passion that stems from her own experiences in doing theater in high school and the impact it had on her own life.

"I wanted to focus on the younger age range, students either in high school or early college," Medina said. "When I was in high school, I had an awesome theater experience and I felt at home there. It was a home away from home. I was always at school or at rehearsal. I found even when school didn't motivate me, theater or music did."

In the Fall of 2013, Medina was drawn to Frassati Catholic as it opened its doors.

A few years into being at the school she built up the Fine Arts Department, which she chairs, and started putting on musicals. Last year, Beauty and the Beast became the school's fourth musical production to put on and playing the iconic role of Belle was Mary Coleman.

"Getting the role was a wow moment," Coleman said. "I went from one of the singing girls in Oklahoma to a boy in Newsies and now being Belle in Beauty and the Beast. It was an opportunity to really show what I had."

Coleman started in theater auditioning for a role in Shrek when in the seventh grade. The senior wants to go to school to become a doctor but hopes to continue singing through college.

Playing the other major role of the Beast was 2020 graduate Mark Morrison.

"It wasn't an easy role and obviously I don't have a lot of experience acting, but there was a lot of nuance and anger and emotion put into it that I wasn't used to," Morrison said. "It was a challenge, but it was fun. There were a lot of good singing parts, which was my favorite part. It was enjoyable."

Morrison is currently attending Texas A&M University, where he is pursuing a career in mechanical engineering. He has an interest in photography and videography as well.

For Medina, who said there is an average of 75 students working on-stage and behind stage to pull off a production, seeing the students' growth on and off stage throughout the process is what is most rewarding.

"It's just beautiful," Medina said. "They grow so much, not only in their theater ability and singing ability, but they grow so much in confidence. So, you see them step out of themselves, they do things they were previously afraid or nervous to do. But you also see them grow in their friendships with each other."

Visual Arts and Music Program Accomplishments
2019-2020 Houston Livestock Show School Art Contest Finalists: Christine Bui, Grace Cusick, J.P. Esparza, Jaclyn Garza, Maddie Knower, Elizabeth Rudolph, Vivian Winton
2019-2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Quick Draw Portrait competition - 2nd place
Kiki Vorderbruggen
Texas Private School Music Educators Association Recognition
All State Choir - Megan Abib, Mary Coleman, Luis Esparza, Sarah Page, Genevieve Roehl, and Katie Spartz
Solo and Ensemble Outstanding Designation - Elizabeth Abib, Megan Abib, Mary Coleman, Ivanna de la Maza, AshlingDeGraaf, Luis Esparza, Natalie McKeig, Isabella Padula, Sarah Page, Katie Spartz, and Abigayle Tucker.

So, what if you have no acting, singing or dancing background? Is theater for you?

Medina welcomes one and all to at least "Be Our Guest" as they will "Put our Service to the Test" to find a place for everyone in the Frassati Catholic theater program.

"There's a place for everybody," Medina said. "Even if you've never done it before, it's a really safe thing to try out, it's an incredibly supportive community. Just because you have never had a lesson in singing, dancing, or acting does not mean that you can't do it. That is what we're here for is to teach you how to be on-stage or backstage.

"No matter what your interest is, we have a place for you."

The 2020-2021 show has been postponed currently with hopes of putting on a musical sometime this year. There is also a Theater Guild student organization where students can get involved. They do smaller performances, see shows, host acting and stage workshops and host a variety show as a performance opportunity as well.