GCCISD Magazine Feature: Self Motivated



Not just in volleyball, but life in general. The GCCISD school gives out the Lady Ranger Award every year to the most well rounded student, which usually goes to a senior, right? Wrong. St. Romain won the award as a sophomore. The school didn't give out the award last year due to COVID-19, but she likely would have won it again.

"I want to be the best at whatever I'm doing, so I push really hard," the senior said. "With all the things I do, it takes a lot of scheduling and my mom is always telling me to take a break. I just can't. "She never really set these high goals for me growing up. I'm just self-motivated. I just keep going."

By the time she graduates, she will have 10 athletic letters (four in track, three in basketball and three in volleyball) and will graduate in the Top 5 percent or better in her class. She's also involved in Student Council and is a member of the National Honor Society.

"Bailee is such a go-getter and she's hungry," volleyball coach Candice Southall said. "Her work-ethic is second to none. It's been great to see her grow as a person and an athlete. "As a freshman, she played on the freshman team and was just so raw and athletic. As she started to understand the game, she used that to her advantage and was on varsity her sophomore year. She was fearless. Her junior year, she stepped up into a leadership role and she's improved ever since."

St. Romain really concentrated on volleyball as her top sport as a freshman and hopes to play in college. "I really love volleyball and being a leader just comes natural," she said. "I'm really happy when I'm on the court competing and I can bring some energy to the team. Like, I'm really loud."

She has aspirations of being a physician or physical specialist, which she hopes will keep her involved in athletics. I wouldn't bet against her in fulfilling those goals. But what has been driving her all these years? "My mom (Kimberly Landry) had records in track here at Sterling that I've always wanted to break when I was growing up," she laughed. "I grew into my body and she was way shorter than me in high school, so we do different events. But that always motivated me." Regardless, Bailee St. Romain has built a legacy at Sterling that any mom would be proud of. Especially hers.

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