Bringing Hope: A Day at Second Baptist School

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In this fast-paced world that we live in, and the industry that I work it, it is exceedingly rare that I get the opportunity to slow down and spend an entire day at one school.

Do not get me wrong, I have had days where we have been on campus for hours for a VYPE Media Day but that is different. On Friday, I got the chance to be at the Second Baptist School from the morning carpool line drop-off until the stadium lights were shutoff after a 49-0 Homecoming victory.

In the span of the ultimately 15 hours I got to see a lot and, in the end, learn a lot.

In the morning I saw student-athletes and members of the cheer squad and Golden Girls welcoming the young students to campus. Little ones being welcomed, helped out of the car, backpacks on and off to start the day.

"For me, I've been here since pre-K so being able to be the kid everyone looked up to now and being able to be the kid I wanted to be in pre-K is pretty cool for me," Michael DiCecco said. "It means a lot."

Then the day picked up steam.

I saw the maintenance crew getting the field prepped, including painting the Second Baptist School Eagle logo into the middle, for the big game. The locker room was decked out with jersey's hung in every one with pants placed at the base and their helmet and shoulder pads stored above.