George Ranch HS volleyball team dominating Houston area

The team includes several future Division 1 players

George Ranch volleyball dominating Houston area
George Ranch volleyball dominating Houston area

The George Ranch High School volleyball team is currently sitting at 16-2, dominating the Houston area.

“It’s been a really great year so far and I think we have a lot of potential to go far in playoffs,” said junior Logan Lednicky. “So I think we have to just finish our district strong and stay working together as a team, and we’ll be really successful.”

The Longhorns roster is stocked with girls who are versatile but also possess leadership qualities.

“I think it’s really good that we have a lot of depth in every position,” Lednicky said. “If someone’s a little off one game or another, anyone can go and fill their position pretty easily.”

“I think what’s special about our team is that we all come together and have such good chemistry, and we’ve been playing so long together, since freshman year," said junior Avery Schimaitis. “So our chemistry is just so good and we all have such strong work ethics.”

The Longhorns also have a lot of upperclassmen who are elite in their positions.

“I think that’s a huge benefit,” Schimaitis said. “We know how to play with each other.”

“Just seeing since, like, my freshman year the build-up of my role changing and finally being in that, like, leader stand-point I guess, from my junior and my senior year, it’s just amazing,” said senior Alexandra Tennon. “The girls that I get to lead, it doesn’t even feel like I have to lead them as much. It feels like we’re all working together because we have that same goal in mind.”

“Not only are we a great team with a lot of good volleyball players, we’re also really good people. I feel like we get along really well. We really care for each other,” said junior Allie Sczech.

Cheyanne Forshee is in her eleventh year as head coach and knows this group has potential.

“I knew this was a special group from their freshman and sophomore year all the way to now,” Forshee said. “They just work so hard, on the court, off the court; they’re very studious with academics, which is because they’re so disciplined.”

And they’re set up for great futures; Lednicky has committed to Texas A&M, Sczech to Baylor, Schimaitis to Pepperdine, and Tennon to Quinnepac.

But first, they want a championship.

“I definitely think that we can make it to state and win state,” Tennon said.

“They have a common goal; their goal is to get to state,” Forshee said. “That’s what they want to do, that’s what they talk about. It’s not something that I’ve had to impress upon them, and I think that’s what makes a team special, when it’s owned by the team and not pushed up on them by the coach.”

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