Is Tompkins under-appreciated? Presented by Athlete Training + Health

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Is Katy Tompkins under-appreciated?

Possibly so. VYPE's No. 9 ranked team might feel a little disrespected. The Falcons knocked off VYPE's Class 5A No. 5 Magnolia Bulldogs to open the season. The 'Dogs are legit running the ball and play good defense.

What's confusing is the 10-7 win over Clear Springs. That didn't make too much sense but its 2020, so let's move on.

Since then, Tompkins crushed Cinco Ranch 55-0 and then-Top 5 Katy Taylor 28-0.

The Falcons will cruise through the next three weeks and then it's Katy week. The game was originally scheduled a few weeks back to be televised by the KUBE. COVID-19 has backed it up until late November.

So, who is getting it done at Tompkins?