GCCISD Magazine Feature: Let's Run This Town

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GCCISD's best cross country athletes are ready to hit the course, and here are some runners to watch this season!

EFREN FLORES, Baytown Lee (20th-Dist. 22-5A)
CESAR GONZALES, Baytown Lee (13th-Dist. 22-5A)
LANCE JOHNSON, Baytown Lee (2019 Stats Unavailable)
LUCAS NORTHCUTT, Baytown Sterling (47th-Dist. 21-6A)
MOSES RIDLEY, Goose Creek Memorial (15th-Dist. 22-5A, 116th-Reg. III Championships)
DEREK SALINAS, Baytown Lee (8TH-Dist. 22-5A, 57th-Reg. III Championships)
OSVALDO SANTOS, Goose Creek Memorial (30th-Dist. 22-5A, 155th-Reg. III Championships)

YAELI ALANIZ, Goose Creek Memorial (14th-Dist. 22-5A)
KAYLEEN FIGUEROA, Goose Creek Memorial (13th-Dist. 22-5A)
MICHELLE LANDRY, Baytown Sterling (35th-Dist. 21-6A)
EMMA LICERIO, Baytown Lee (29th-Dist. 22-5A)
MONIQUE MACIAS, Goose Creek Memorial (17th-Dist. 22-5A)
GLORIA MARTINEZ, Goose Creek Memorial (7th-Dist. 22-5A)
HAILEY PEQUENO, Goose Creek Memorial (6th-Dist. 22-5A)
NEIDA RODRIGUEZ, Baytown Sterling (32nd-Dist. 21-6A)
SARAH SALINAS, Baytown Lee (10th-Dist. 22-5A)
GRACIELA TORRES, Baytown Sterling