High school football player dreams of country music success

Friday nights are a great place for big dreams in Texas.

For senior offensive lineman Jaeden Johnson, playing football after high school is his dream.

“It’s been what I’ve wanted to do, what I’ve focused on, what I’ve worked at,” said Johnson. “It’s been pretty much my life for a long time.”

Johnson is the team’s leader, giving the pregame speech each game.

“Some people are born leaders, and he’s one,” said coach Dennis Krantz.

However, football is not Johnson’s only dream.

Jaeden’s voice is one to listen to on the football field, and off the field — when he’s performing country music live at 2920 Roadhouse in Hockley.

“I bought my first guitar at a five and dime in Fredericksburg,” said Johnson. “It was all downhill from there.”

Johnson started writing songs at 15 such as “Southern Boy” - about what it’s like growing up in Texas, and “In Love with a Lie,” about his friend who was cheated on.

“He’s got a tender heart,” said Krantz. “But not when he’s on the field.”

“I can be gritty and nasty on the football field,” said Johnson. “I guess writing those tender songs is what I feel in my heart."

Johnson has started to find success in music, even opening for ‘The Voice’ winner, Sundance Head. Meanwhile, his football career is still strong with several schools interested in having Johnson playing for them in college. The interest ranges from division 1 schools to smaller schools, including Ivy League teams.