Local spotlight: How this Klein Volleyball player is adapting during COVID-19 pandemic

The off-season looked different, but the girls are happy to be back playing

HOUSTON – Klein High School libero Gaby Mansfield is just happy to be back on the court.

“We didn’t know what to expect," Mansfield said. “If we were going to have no visitors in the season.”

Mansfield and her teammates are learning a lot of life lessons during a strange offseason due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s definitely made us really adapt to just not being able to play with each other day, and trying to get better as an individual," she said.

But it was also an offseason, which she committed to stay at home post-high school and play for the Rice Owls. Mansfield said the Owls head coach, Ginny Volpe, was her favorite coach during recruitment.

“I really just wanted to stay close to home because of my brother,” Mansfield said. “I wanted to watch him grow up and stuff. So I wanted to stay close to home, and they have great academics, obviously. They’re amazing.”

But before she goes to Rice University, the junior still has two years of high school left and she has big goals.

“Get the top digs in Texas, and also to keep all A’s in school to get me ready for Rice,” Mansfield said. “And, also, hopefully, lead the team to a state championship this year.”