THE LAST WORD: What's a Win in 2020?

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Welcome to the 2020 football season. What a weird offseason it was for everyone. There was not a summer camp circuit for players to go showcase their talents at. In-person recruiting came to a screeching halt and the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected everyone.

But VYPE has still done what we have always done when it comes to previewing Texas high school football here in Houston. With that said here is The Last Word from the VYPE Football 2020 Magazine.




Well, we hope you enjoyed the 2020 VYPE Houston Football Preview.

Even in a pandemic, we still deliver with the goods.

Our fingers are crossed that we get through the season and are able to crown state champions at AT&T Stadium in Arlington come January.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I even miss the stench of a football locker room. They all smell the same from The Woodlands to Pearland. It's been burned in my nose for decades, but I miss it.

So, what would be a win for the 2020 season?

I urge parents, athletes, students, the band, cheerleaders, dance teams, ROTC and mascots to LOWER your expectations.

If you are asked to wear a mask, don't whine about it. If there is going to be limited seating, tune into a live broadcast. If games get cancelled due to a COVID spike, don't be surprised.

Win or lose, just make the most of it because it can end at any time.

It stinks, but let's take what we can get.

Coaches preach about getting out of your comfort zone. Get uncomfortable and see how you deal with adversity?

Well, the Year 2020 has been the ultimate test for everyone.

Everyone is uncomfortable. Athletic Directors, superintendents, teachers, students and parents have had to change direction several times to navigate this international pandemic.

This is the ultimate teaching moment. When I look into the eyes of coaches around Houston, this is fraying their nerves. They are creatures of habit. Their programs are built on ROUTINE, ROUTINE, ROUTINE.

Athletes thrive with ROUTINE. So, do parents for that matter.

So, let me give you my best "coach-speak".

Let's keep our heads down and take one day at a time. Let's control what we can control and let the rest fall into place.

Let's enjoy the process as long as we can whether it be through the playoffs, 10 games or two games. Whatever happens, it's not from a lack of HARD WORK by EVERYONE.

A special thanks go out to the coaches, players and administrators for working with us to make our 13th Football Preview a reality. Thank you for your trust, allowing your athletes to participate and opening your facilities.

See you at the games,

Matt Malatesta

VYPE Chief Content Officer