High school football fans adapt to new experience amid pandemic

HOUSTON – Friday night football is back for some high schools.

However, the experience has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It just kind of feels like maybe a game with less participants,” said parent Derek Jackson.

Jackson attended Friday’s game between at Stafford High School against Sealey High School to support his son who is in the band.

“You sit in every other row and they have the middle section blocked off so really only can sit at the ends, and they’re keeping the groups confined down to six or less,” Jackson said.

While many of the faces inside the stadium are familiar but they must be covered. A sign at the entrance tells fans to wear a mask. An announcement over the public address reminded visitors about social distancing.

“Football’s football, so still want to be able to enjoy that right?” said spectator Torie Humphreys.

Torie and her husband, Luke Humphreys, attend the game to support a friend who is a coach. She said she doesn’t mind the mask rule.

“With cheering comes spitting, right? It’s different but we’re willing to adapt to the changes,” she said.

Even if the crowd size is limited, they said it’s important to have fans in the stands.

“The energy of the crowd, I’m sure can swing the game one way or another,” said Luke.