Aggies football program put on probation by NCAA

HOUSTON – When rules are broken the NCAA steps in and investigates and now they have ruled on the missteps inside of the Texas A&M Football program led by Head Coach Jimbo Fisher.

The investigation has been on going and Texas A&M was proactive with the NCAA from day one by quickly addressing the rules violations by Fisher and a now former assistant coach. The university believed they were "isolated and unintentional".

According to the report, the Aggies program violated NCAA recruiting and what they deem "countable athletically related activities rules during the period from January of 2018 through February of 2019.

The violations , a first in the career of Fisher, involved impermissible recruiting contact with an unnamed prospect before the end of his junior year. Also the Aggies were found to have exceeded the time limit during spring and summer workouts by a total of 7 hours. The NCAA ruled those missteps were unintentional.

The penalties agreed upon by Texas A&M and the NCAA include one year probation running from July 2 through July 1 of next year. Coach Fisher will also serve a six month “show cause” order which will limit his off campus recruiting activity this fall.

Fisher released a statement on Thursday.

“As Texas A&M’s Head Football Coach, I am responsible for promoting and monitoring for NCAA compliance in our program. It is still my responsibility to ensure we are adhering to each and every rule,” said Fisher.

Fisher added, " I am pleased to have this matter behind our program and look forward to continuing our efforts to make every aspect of our program one all Aggies can be proud of.”