From the sidelines to the front lines: Texans cheerleader serving as a nurse during the coronavirus pandemic

Taryn says her teammates have been supportive and appreciative of her work

HOUSTON – At Texans games, you see her cheering on the sidelines. But right now, Houston Texans Cheerleader Taryn is working on the frontlines.

“We are seeing COVID patients that are concerned for their families and themselves,” said Taryn.

It’s been the Santa Fe native’s lifelong dream to serve others, just like her mom.

“She worked in the pharmaceutical industry and she used to take me to work with her,” explained Taryn, who said she knew by the age of 6 that she wanted to go into nursing. “I just got to interact with these people who could do so much for others, and it just came from such an organic place in them. I wanted to be that."

Her work as an Emergency Department nurse can only be described as heroic, and she has felt the love throughout this pandemic — from both the community and her team.

“I can’t even count on both hands how many times I’ve been reached out to by teammates, both past and present, our coach has been absolutely supportive,” she said.

Many young girls dream of becoming cheerleaders or nurses, but how many realize they can do both? Taryn said her message to them is to believe in themselves wholeheartedly.

“If you want it, you can do it. The only person who is going to tell you no is you. Your hard work and your attitude and your approach is going to make a world of difference.”

Taryn says she’s extremely proud of her teammates — one is a nurse as well, and several others are teachers.