WATCH: Bill O’Brien can been seen slamming phone during meltdown at virtual NFL Draft

A video of Texans coach Bill O’Brien appearing to have a meltdown during the NFL draft has gone viral on social media.

Due to coronavirus, the 2020 draft was held virtually and broadcasted from the homes of players, coaches, and general managers.

In a clip from the draft shared on social media, O’Brien is seen seen slamming down his phone, looking furious during the third round.

According to New York Post, O’Brien believed he had a deal with the Detriot Lions while the Texans were on the clock with the 90th overall pick, but the Lions backed out.

“Listen, we talk to a lot of teams,” Lions general manager Bob Quinn said according to the Post. “When we’re not on the clock we talk to a bunch of teams and it’s not just myself. We’ve got four or five people that make calls, so I’m not sure what that was about. But we didn’t have a trade.”

O’Brien later tried to downplay the viral clip.

“No, we were messing with the Zoom. We were messing on the Zoom with myself and (Jack) Easterby and all the guys. No, nothing agitated.” O’Brien told reporters.

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