Randall Cobb speaks about joining Texans, meeting teammates digitally

The veteran wide receiver will sign with the Texans at a later date

HOUSTON – Usually, when a team announces they are signing a player, things move at a decent pace: from completing a physical exam to the signing of the contract to moving to the new city.

But for a soon-to-be Texan wide receiver, Randall Cobb, the process has been delayed.

The Texans are one of the NFL teams, who opted not to conduct third-party physicals, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A player can't officially sign a contract until the physical is done.

However, fans can expect to see Cobbs in Texans uniform this fall.

"When you look at Deshaun, and what he has been able to do since he's been in the league, I've been really impressed from afar," Cobb said in a phone conference Friday. "He has tremendous ability, and he's a winner."

The chemistry between a quarterback and a wide receiver is crucial.

Cobb said he has communicated with Watson via text. While Cobb and his family are stuck at their home in Los Angeles, while they wait for the coronavirus pandemic ends.

Cobb said he is excited to join the wide receivers corps of Will Fuller and Kenny Stills.

"Fuller whenever he's healthy, and he's able to be on the field. He's an amazing athlete. He's got a lot of speed. He can take the top off the coverages. He makes some big plays downfield," Cobb said. He added that Stills is a playmaker.

Texans working remotely

The process of becoming a Texan is different as coaches and front office members work from home.

"That is probably been the weirdest part," Cobbs said. "Normally, you're able to go down and meet with the team and the coaches, sit down and watch some film and get a good feel for what you're getting in to. I didn't get that opportunity this year."

Cobb said he is well aware he will be compared to former Texans Deandre Hopkins.

"With DeAndre (Hopkins) leaving, it's going to be a lot of eyes on all three of us to step up and make some plays," he said. "A lot of people are looking at me... even though me and DeAndre are two totally different types of receivers. I look forward to the challenge and coming in and showing what I can do."

As for now? Cobb said most of Los Angeles is shut down, so he's been training at his home gym.

He is also learning digitally, like a lot of students.

“That is the only thing I’ve been doing is watching some of the highlights that I could find on the internet on YouTube and trying to get an idea,” Cobb said.