Astros officially introduce new general manager, James Click

HOUSTON – Astros owner Jim Crane has made his second big hire in less than a week. The team’s new general manager, James Click was announced Monday and officially introduced to the team Tuesday.

Click comes to Houston from Tampa, where he served as the Rays’ Vice Presiden of Baseball Operations for the last three years. He has been in Tampa for the last 14 years, holding various roles with the team, thus better preparing him for this big opportunity in Houston.

“James comes from a very progressive team that does a lot with a little," Crane said. “Hopefully now he can do a lot with a lot."

Click, 42, is ready to put his own stamp on the Astros from day one, beginning with a positive in-house culture of respect.

“We want to make sure that this is an employee-first culture,” said Click.

Also on hand for the introduction was new manager Dusty Baker, who will work closely with Click.

“Dusty is exactly the right guy at the right time to lead us on the field,” said Click.