Here’s what the Texans are saying about their wild win over the Bills

Houston overcomes 16-0 deficit to advance to divisional round

They call it the wild card round - well the Texans and Bills matchup lived up to the wild part of that. Houston looked listless in the first half, falling behind 16-0. They didn’t look much better immediately after halftime after a three-and-out from their offense that ended with one of the seven sacks of Deshaun Watson.

But several hours later and after nearly five quarters of football, the Texans emerged with an unforgettable 22-19 overtime win over the Bills. Houston will face Kansas City on Sunday, January Not the highest scoring game, not the prettiest game, but the result that the Texans and their fans were certainly hoping for in their fourth trip to the playoffs in six seasons under Bill O’Brien.

Here’s what the players and head coach Bill O’Brien were saying after their come-from-behind wild card win over the Bills.

On the Watson’s magical escape and pass to Taiwan Jones to set up the game-winning field goal in OT:

Watson: "Once I break -- because breaking the tackles, I knew I was going do that honestly. I just knew I wasn’t going down. That’s just my mentality. You’re going to have to really force me down to the ground, that’s just me, especially in that situation. Once I split out, they kept blocking for me, and they gave me half a second to readjust my eyes and my helmet a bit to find Taiwan, and that’s what I did. He made a heck of a play to get us down inside the 10. So that was good.”

O’Brien: "He got himself out of some major jams. He made some huge plays. The play to Taiwan (Jones) at the end, obviously, was unbelievable. He made a lot of plays throughout the whole game. He’s got a huge heart. He’s been winning his whole life, and he knows how to win. He knows how to win, and there’s not too much more you can say about it.”

Texans Wide Receiver Deandre Hopkins: “That’s Deshaun Watson. It’s crazy.”

On J.J. Watt’s sack of Josh Allen on 3rd & 8 in 3rd quarter:

O’Brien: “That was a big play in the game. The crowd was into it. J.J. (Watt) got the crowd going. The Houston fans, they’re great because they’re going to let you know when you’re not playing well, and they’re going to let you know when you are playing well. When we were playing well there, they were a big factor in the game, and I thought that was a big part of the game, our home fans.”

Running back Carlos Hyde: "Yeah that was huge too, especially. He just came back from his injury. For him to come back in and have an impact on the game, it was huge. He had guys motivated before the game and guys were feeding off his energy, so that sack definitely brought some energy to us.”

Linebacker Whitney Mercilus: “Yeah, for him to come back from injury and have a great, stellar play down there juiced everybody up. So we just elevated our play honestly"

On the turning point in the game:

Watson: “The turning point? I guess probably J.J.'s (Watt) sack. I think that was probably the turning point. Then we put on a nice drive. So I guess I’ll say that."

Watt: “I mean, I don’t know. My whole goal in coming back was to help this team win football games. So whether that’s providing a spark with a sack or whether that’s trying to just something simple, trying to get the crowd riled up,that was the whole reason I came back. I’m not here to take credit for anything that offense did. Our offense did a hell of a job in the second half. Deshaun Watson, Hop (DeAndre Hopkins), all those guys, they did a hell of a job. They’re unbelievable, and like I said, I’m thankful to have them on our offense. It was an exciting play. It was a huge play. We were saying the whole game up until that point, we just need a play. We just need a play. We just need a spark. I’m just thankful I was able to provide it.”

Hyde: ““I think it was when we scored our first touchdown. It was still a close game, two score game, so all we needed was a touchdown to get back into the game. When we scored our first one things started to roll for us. Everybody started making plays on the offense.”