The Kate Upton (Astros) fashion staple you need... no, not the rainbow sweater

Image via @VinoNStrosGal on Twitter
Image via @VinoNStrosGal on Twitter


It's no secret. When there is a Kate Upton sighting at Astros games, Houston women want to see what she's wearing.

It all started with that sweater. When Upton wore the rainbow stripe throwback in the 2017 playoffs, it became the must-have Astros item of the season.

Now something else has caught this producer's eye.

It's not as flashy or high-profile as the sweater. It's a much more low-key article of clothing. An orange turtleneck.


Mrs. Verlander wore one for game 4 of the ALCS at Yankee Stadium. And I can't stop thinking about it. 

I'm a sucker for a "staple" item of clothing.

AND for anything Astros orange.

AND for anything Kate wears. 

So after several days of obsessing, the search for my very own orange turtleneck began. I don't know where Kate got her turtleneck, but my Google search found several similar options. 


RALPH LAUREN has a nice-looking one in a color called sporting orange. It looks thick and well-made. Macy's sells it for $69.50.

H&M has a ribbed mock turtleneck in a beautiful shade of orange for $24.99. It looks warm and cozy. If I didn't live in Houston, I would probably buy this one. 

J.CREW has a tissue turtleneck for $36.50. The color is called bright cerise. I have ordered several J.Crew items in that same color in the past and they are always a delightfully bright shade of orange.


All are good options, but my pick is the J.Crew version. I like that it's on the thinner side. That means I can wear my Kate Upton sweater over it and still feel comfortable. I'm crossing my fingers that the bright cerise is the same orange color I've seen in the past. I put a rush on shipping so it should be here on time for an outdoor watch party this weekend!

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