Astros fan's catchy hip hop song, 'Let's Take it Back,' is the World Series anthem we need


An Astros fan is rooting for the team so hard he decided to write a song about it.

Erik Landry, who goes by Skrap Dawg, created a song to express his love for the home team. The catchy hip hop song is called "Let's Take it Back."

Skrap Dawg said he had the team reclaiming their World Series title in mind when he wrote it. The artist said it only took him two days to come up with the lyrics.

"It may be under the hip hop genre but it's an everybody song," he said. "That whole chant, 'take it back,' I just visualized that," he said.

Skrap Dawg hopes other fans will download it, play it and fall in love. He hopes the chant will catch on during the World Series, so he is offering it for free.

You can listen to it for download it for free here