Officials are making wagers over outcome of Astros, Yankees Championship series


HOUSTON – What's a big game without a little friendly wager?

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. placed a wager on the outcome of the upcoming Houston Astros vs. New York Yankees American League Championship Series.

In case you're wondering, Diaz's position in the Bronx is equivalent to the position Hidalgo holds in Texas.

So what exactly is at stake?

For starters, the loser must wear the opponent's team gear and post it prominently over social media.

Hidalgo is wagering goods from several area businesses with a history of serving the community. Should the Yankees win, he will send an array of goods to Diaz — brisket from Gatlin's barbecue, root beer from Saint Arnold Brewing Co. and tamales from the Texas Tamale Co.

Should the Astros win, Diaz will send items from the Bronx that include cannolis, New York-style deli sandwiches, Puerto Rican-style empanadas and more.

"We're really looking forward to enjoying some of the Bronx's best local cuisine when the Astros win," said Hidalgo. "As we've seen all year, the Astros have what it takes to bring back home what is rightfully ours: The American League pennant. The Yankees are merely a subway stop on our way to the World Series."

"As a lifelong Yankees fan who is from the home of the Bronx Bombers, and the highest-ranking New York City elected (official) that grew up watching our team set an unsurpassed standard of excellence in sports, I look forward to feasting on great Texas barbecue as we get set to win our 41st American League pennant," said Diaz.

Sounds like we've got a little friendly competition going.

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