15 amazing photos of fans showing off their Astros tattoos

Hardcore Astros fans are making the life-long commitment to support the team by getting tattoos.

Fans shared their Astros ink with KPRC 2. Design features range from past logos to the World Series trophy and rings. 

See how these Astros fans are displaying their support for the team forever:

Longtime Astros fan Bobby Merryman says "Through the 100 loses to the 100 wins... will always show love for the Astros."

Space themed tattoo in dedication of the Houston Astros.

This fan never wants to forget the Astros' World Series victory.

Fan celebrates 2017 World Series victory with tattoo.

Hi Orbit!

Fan tattoo features city skyline, 'Be Someone' sign and Houston Astros' mascot Orbit.

Danny DeViney says he got this tattoo done right after the World Series win and still needs color ... two years later.

Fan chooses space themed tattoo with Houston Astros logo after 2017 World Series win.

Go Texans! Go Rockets! GO 'STROS!

Major Houston sports fan incorporates three team logos, including Astros, in tattoo.

Ironically, the retro design isn't going out of style.

Fan tattoos early 2000s Houston Astros logo with retro rainbow design.

The logo might be dated but her nail polish colors aren't.

Early 2000s Houston Astros logo tattoo.

Love for all the Houston teams

Current Houston Astros logo tattoo.

He'll never forget when the Astros #EarnedHistory

Major Astros fan Jesse Peyton tattoos 2017 postseason team motto with logo after World Series win.


Despicable Me minion turned Houston Astros player after 2017 World Series win.

Things you can never forget about 2017: 

1. Hurricane Harvey

2. Astros winning the World Series

Fan gets 'Houston Strong' tattoo after Hurricane Harvey and World Series victory.

How to get a World Series ring when you weren't on the team:

Fan tattoos Houston Astros world champions ring after World Series victory.

If you know, you know and if you don't then ... it's just an incomplete star.

Early 2000s Houston Astros logo tattoo.

Trying to figure out who Antonio Vazquez is... 

Fan tattoo of World Series trophy and Houston Astros logo.

He wears his love for Astros on his sleeve...

Hardcore Astros fan tattoos World Series trophy and team logo on his arm.

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